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NIIMBOT Label Animal Series for B1/B21/B3S

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  • Length: 7.5-8 meters (230PCS)
  • Weight: about 70g
  • Applicable printer: B1/B21/B3S
  • Label paper characteristics: Oil-proof, scratch-proof, anti-tear, no glue
  • Supported languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English and other languages
  • Support printing content: text, simple pictures, one-dimensional code logo, two-dimensional code, line form
  • Application scenarios: home daily use, commercial use (delivery address label, mother and child product label, switch label, commodity price label, jewelry label, date label, office document label, etc.)
  • Label series: Pure white series, color pattern set, transparent label paper set, data line set, Christmas theme series.
  • Label paper characteristics: Oil-proof, anti-scratch, tear-free without leaving traces of glue, not tearing


B21 Label Maker

Useful Reminder:

Please see to it that the NIIMBOT label maker machine please use NIIMBOT label paper, otherwise, there will be printing incompatibility or poor print quality.

Search and download NIIMBOT through your phone's application center or Google application market. IT WON'T CHARGE ANY PENNY FOR DOWNLOAD OR USING OUR APP! If reminded that you need to pay for our APP, that's an advertisement of the app center, please ignore or report it.

If you don’t want to register an account the first you use,you can SKIP the registration step,REGISTER THE ACCOUNT IS FOR CUSTOMERS TO KEEP THE LABELs AND EASY TO FIND AND PRINT OUT AGAIN IN FUTURE.

The gifted-label paper is brand new and sealed, the sealing sticker NEEDS TO BE PEELED OFF BEFORE USING.

Keep the paper printing surface is downward, else it will not working. Pull the paper out a little bit so that it could print normally.

Please USE A CHARGER DIRECTLY while you need charging the label maker,not the USB ports of other electronic equipment.

The NIIMBOT D11/B21/B3S thermal label printer can only print out black color.