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D101 1 Inch Inkless Label Printer with Tape - Effortless Labeling Made Easy

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Label refills for D101 >>

➿ No ink needed, easy to create and print your own label on free App【NIIMBOT】, Print 10-25mm width label paper

✨D11 stickers can be applied to D101 printer

【Features】 No ink、Without carbon belt Thermal Technology、Bluetooth Direct Connect、Smart Paper Return. Free editing template、Image recognition, voice recognition. Smart RFID technology, smart identification template, more convenient and fast operation.

【Application】 Multi-scenario application to easily meet your various needs Commercial scene: clothing store label, jewelry store label, supermarket convenience store label, bakery store label Home scene: Switch label Kitchen label Cosmetic label Learning label Name sticker.

  • The NIIMBOT D101 thermal label maker, no ink/battery/carbon/toner required, super convenient and save money!
  • Newest Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to easily design and print labels with your smartphone or tablet on the NIIMBOT application!
  • Compatible with 0.5" and 1" label tapes in one label maker, eliminate the need to buy multiple label printers for multiple widths!

d101 label printer

A great choice for school, retail store, crafting business, office and home on a budget!

In 2020, you need to pay 38.99 for a half-inch label maker

In 2021, a 1-inch label printer still costs you more than 90 bucks...

But guess what!!!

Now you can get a 0.5 + 1-inch label maker from NIIMBOT within 39 dollars! And also 1 free tape included!

This is all you need for office/home organization and running a small business!d101 label printer

Innovative Change of Bluetooth Label Printer

Multi-Function element to print letters, numbers, and symbols easily:

  • 14+ Input Forms: Text , Image Scan, Figure, Material, Bracode, QR code Table, Time and etc.
  • 10+ Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Including kinds of common and other minor languages.
  • 100+ Fonts: Formal, Round, Cute, Ornamental Penmanship and etc.
  • 3000+ Icons: Including Apparel, Storage, Makeup, Food, Wireframe and so on...

No need to worry about privacy leaks:

NIIMBOT has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of smart portable label products for decade and is committed to providing high-quality products and services for people who pursue efficient management of items. We promise that all authorization only serves the needs of label maker extra function, not force required and will not be used for other purposes!

For example:

1. Customers can use the APP without registering an account, but if customers need to save their label templates, they need to register a dedicated account for storage.

2. The App needs to turn on the phone's GPS positioning function before Bluetooth connecting. Because Google has strengthened its user privacy policy, Google requires the user to open all permissions that need to be enabled before using the app.

3. Only After the customer authorizes NIIMBOT APP to read the mobile phone picture, the APP can receive the picture and put it on the labels, so that the customer can insert a symbol or a meme on their labels.

 d101 label printer

NIIMBOT APP: Self-developed Efficient Smart Label Application!

d101 label printer

  • Step 1: Install the label and turn on the machine. Tape is inside the label maker and remember to keep it a little outside the machine!
  • Step 2: Download the NIIMBOT application from APP Store or Google Play. No charge!
  • Step 3: Turn on your phone Bluetooth, hit the APP and connect the device. The connection button is upper right corner!
  • Step 4: Edit your labels and print them out. As many as you want!


Super Easy to Use!

Multi-size in 1 Label Maker

d101 label printer

  • The D101 label machine comes with a roll of half-inch label paper and a separator, all inside the label maker bin, not in the box.
  • Open the lid, unseal the label roll, put it back, then you can make half-inch width labels.
  • Pull out the separator and put in a roll of 1-inch width label paper to make 1-inch width labels.
  • NIIMBOT brand labels are equipped with automatic identification chips, put the label paper in the machine, and the APP can identify the label paper after connecting to Bluetooth. No need to manually set the label size.
  • When installing the separator, it can be inserted directly. The bulge at the bottom of the separator should be aligned with the depression at the bottom of the bin. When you find it hard to be inserted, it means that you need to turn it around.

Scope of Application


  • Clothing, Kitchen Bottles and Jars, Skincare and Makeup labeling ...


  • Document Organization, File Classification, Fixed Supplies Marking...


  • Textbooks, Handbooks, Notes, Journal and Q&A Card Marks...


  • Grocery Store, Clothing store, Cake Shop, Fruit Store or Other E-commerce Type Product Tag...

d101 label printer

Can be Used for Various Occasions!